A theatre sound designer based in the UK, working on everything from West End plays, through musicals and operas, physical theatre and number one tours, to small-scale touring shows
A highly experienced production sound engineer for theatre, event and corporate productions

A live sound engineer mixing music of all genres as well as corporate shows

A sound project manager with experience of delivering the most complex productions
A sound effects programmer for theatre and corporate events, with extensive experience of sound playback and automation systems

"Special mention should go to Tom Lishman's invaluable sound design, which communicates everything from the subtle rushing of the wind to the deafening sounds (and vibrations) of contemporary warfare."

Backstage New York

"Tom Lishman, the sound designer, does great work: A train chugs on tracks; birds do their ominous “Birds” thing."

New York Times

"Tom Lishman's lush score
of sea murmurs, bird sound and music
establishes a familiar mood of period opulence."

The Guardian

"Impressive Sound Design"

Time Out

"Tom Lishman's tropical soundtrack … makes the theatre seem hot."

Financial Times

"The sense of horror swells; Paul Bull and Tom Lishman's sound design fills the air, first with the snicking of the barber's scissors, then with strange gulping, wetly chewing noises and finally with wails of grief."

The Times

"Tom Lishman's effective and imaginative sound design assists in bringing out the brooding violence"

Time Out

"Farmyard noises greet the audience as it arrives and there’s an obligato of squelches and plops, cackles, grunts, bellows and snores as the action progresses; sound design is by Tom Lishman."

What's On Stage

"Tom Lishman’s surround-sound effects, of thunderous passing underground trains and cooing pigeons, are equally carefully considered."

San Francisco Examiner

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