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  • Autograph
    Hire, sales and design. One of the two big players in the UK theatre industry
  • Blitz
    Sound hire for theatre and corporate industries. Formerly Theatre Projects Sound, now part of the Blitz Communications group
  • Dimension
    Audio hire company specialising in the corporate sector, now part of video giant Creative Technology
  • Orbital
    Hire, sales and design. One of the two big players in the UK theatre industry
  • Stage Sound Services
    Theatre sound and video hire company based in Cardiff
    The best pay-per-effect online sound effects library
  • Avid (formerly Digidesign)
    ProTools software, and Venue & Profile live consoles
  • d&b Audiotechnik
    Their loudspeakers have become an industry standard. Also some really good technical documents for download. Every sound engineer should attend their free one-day training courses
  • Digico
    Live consoles
  • Figure53
    Q-Lab theatre playback software
  • iRip
    Need to get a track from an iPod to a computer? Here's how
  • McKenzie Electronics
    G-type theatre playback software
  • Metric Halo
    Spectrafoo analyser software for Mac, and ChannelStrip plugin
  • Meyer
    The other industry-standard loudspeakers found in theatres everywhere
  • MIDI Solutions
    Reliable MIDI utility boxes
  • Propellerheads
    Reason is arguably the best virtual rack of synths and samplers you can put in a computer. Standalone and plugin versions
  • Spectrasonics
    soft synths and sample-players behind many a film and theatre soundtrack
  • XTA
    Delay and EQ units for system setup, digital dynamics processors, and the software to run them
  • Yamaha Pro Audio
    Digital consoles for live application large and small

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